Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware

Posted: June 12, 2016
Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware
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Alyson Thomas is an artist. But she used to be an attorney. So presumably she knows the value of a good, stiff drink made right. Her Bloody Mary Diagram glasses give a shoutout to all of you who worked (i.e., partied) late Saturday night and need a nutrient-packed-vegetable hangover cure at Sunday brunch. And also some vodka to keep the party going.

The glasses' diagrams guide amateur Bloody Mary makers, plus those who are still half asleep, through all the ingredients and quantities they'll need to make a perfectly savory, salty, spicy, ass-kickin' morning cocktail. Thomas' colorful artwork makes them look purdy too.

Bloody Mary Diagram glasses come in sets of 2. Thomas has also painted recipes for Scotch & Sodas, Martinis, Margaritas, Gin & Tonics, Mimosas, and Hot Toddys on glassware.

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