Champagne Sabre

Posted: December 29, 2014
Champagne Sabre
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Sure, any jackass can sabre open a bottle of Champagne with a kitchen knife. But if I'm going to try that, I may as well just lay my fingers on the sidewalk and chop them off. Save bloodying up my mama's kitchen and wasting a good bottle of bubbles. We aren't all fancy pants bartenders/Napoleonic soldiers like this guy.

Menu's Champagne Sabre was designed by Karim Rashid for your average New Year's Eve partygoer and showboating yahoo. It features a large, curvy body and, most importantly, a blunt edge. Kind of like the baseball bat or ladies' self-pleasure toy of flashy bottle openers. It's made of a single piece of polished stainless steel that, should you wield it correctly, will hack off a Champagne bottle's entire neck in one clean, elegant swipe.

Should you wield it incorrectly, I'd like to propose a toast: To 2015 and drinking fizzy shards of glass, my friends!

The Menu Champagne Saber is a top Dude Gift for a Party and Gift for Valentine's Day pick.

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