Deer Antler Beer Tap Handle

Posted: November 06, 2018
Deer Antler Beer Tap Handle
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Antler Artisans uses real white-tailed deer antlers - shed antlers only, so no Bambis are harmed - to create a range of household goods. Their beer tap handles for kegerators, keezers, and bar taps are the most standout to me, and a top choice for anyone seeking unique beer gifts for their favorite suds lovers.

The antler handles fit all standard beer tap faucets with a 1" heavy chromed solid brass ferrule. The finished antler taps stand between 9" and 10" tall, and Antler Artisans promises their fit will be natural and balanced, with no over-leaning or excessive side pressure to the tap lever.

Upon ordering an antler beer tap handle you'll have the option of specifying if you want a Left Antler or a Right Antler. If antlers are anything like sharks, I'd go with the Right Antler.

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