Diamond Whiskey Decanter

Posted: January 09, 2016
Diamond Whiskey Decanter
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When me and my friend Cornelius host our Super Bowl 50 box pool I think we're going to start a yearly tradition of giving this Diamond Whiskey Decanter to the winner as a trophy. Filled with the alcohol of his choice. (Or her choice, my girlfriend, who won an NCAA bracket once when she was 12 by picking the teams whose mascot she thought was cuter, reminds me.) The stately vessel and its wooden base are handmade in Kentucky, the former from durable borosilicate glass so the decanter remains resilient to the person who's had one too many pours from it, and the latter from oak. A ground glass stopper creates an evaporation-tight seal that the piece's craftsmen say will last a lifetime.

Diamond Whiskey Decanter will hold up to 1,000mL of your desired trophy booze.

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