DIY Ice Mold Wine Bottle Chiller

Posted: October 27, 2023
DIY Ice Mold Wine Bottle Chiller
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Match your bottles of bubbles with the festive, fun, romantic, or spooky theme of the party you're pouring them for with a DIY Ice Mold Wine Bottle Chiller. The stainless steel ice bucket holds a cylindrical ring of ice you can freeze decorated with pretty much any items that will fit inside its 1.2"-wide walls. Fruit. Herbs. Flowers. Action figures. Fake severed fingers and toes. You know, the usual.

After adding and arranging your showstopping ingredient design, you'll just need to fill the chiller mold with water, close the lid, and put it in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours. Once frozen, run some water over the mold to loosen the ice sculpture inside, and then place it in the ice bucket, lined with some smaller ice cubes in the bottom, and infilled around the sides.

The space in the center of the ice mold will fit most bottles of Champagne, sparkling, and white wine, along with liquor bottles of a similar shape and size.

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