Dual Beer Glass

Posted: September 27, 2013
Dual Beer Glass
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At first I thought the Dual Beer Glass was intended for sampling two different types of beers at once, and I was like, How the dickens am I supposed to keep one from spilling all over my crotch when I'm drinking the other? But then I begrudgingly took 15 seconds to read the description, and found that a Dual Beer Glass actually blends two beers together, funneling them into the same sipping channel right as you drink. And so now I'm just like, Ew. Gross. Why would I want to mix beers and risk tainting my Bud Light Lime with some skunk-ass microbrew IPA from Oregon?

In all fairness, designer and glass blower Pretentious Beer Glass Company created the Dual Beer Glass as a superior vessel for enjoying brews meant to be mingled. Black & Tans, Half & Halfs...um...that's all I can think of. Additional recommendations deemed "delicious" by PBGC include a Hefeweizen and a Gran Cru, or a Vanilla Porter and a Trippel. I think I could swing a pretty badass Irish Car Bomb if left to my own devices with this glass as well.

Each Dual Beer Glass holds 10 to 12 ounces of suds, or whatever other liquids you want to meet for the first time as they enter your piehole.

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