Ice Tornado Glass

Posted: November 18, 2015
Ice Tornado Glass
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It was a Dark 'N' Stormy night...no, who am I kidding? It was a straight shot of rum night just like all the others. But I still brought the storm to my glass with this tornado ice mold and its perfectly fitted tumbler.

Achieve your icy tornado in a glass by filling the tumbler partway with water, and then inserting the blue silicone mold to displace it and create your spiraling shape. Freeze for a couple of hours, remove the mold, and there you have it: a cyclone of ice waiting to suck up and spit out your booze of choice. Say goodbye to Kansas, Toto.

You can also fill the Ice Tornado Glass mold itself to create tornado-shaped ice cubes for the kiddos' juice and sodie.

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