IceLiners Martini Glass & Ice-Lining Silicone Mold

Posted: February 04, 2023
IceLiners Martini Glass & Ice-Lining Silicone Mold
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According to IceLiners, this martini glass and silicone mold combo allows you to create "a thin lining of ice attached to the inner wall of your glass, keeping its temperature near freezing for a prolonged period of time." It's almost exactly how my ex-girlfriend Karen's appearance and personality combo have allowed her to create the exact same thing around her heart! Except in her case, we're talking a real thick lining of ice, below freezing, and forever. Even death won't melt it I don't think.

The only real difference between IceLiners and my ex-girlfriend is that I might like to have a martini glass lined with a perfect layer of ice, but if Karen showed up at my door in an Amazon box I would scream and throw a bucket of water on her.

You know, just in case the melting thing were possible.

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