Le Whaf - Inhale Your Drinks

Posted: August 11, 2012
Le Whaf - Inhale Your Drinks

How about a nice big glass of double, double toil and trouble? It's light, it's sippable, and it's bursting--or at least lolling lazily--with flavor. The Lab Store, molecular gastronomists with a penchant for the gaseous state of matter, have brought their vaporized drink creation, Le Whaf, to the wonderful world of online shopping. Described as a "poetic, low-calorie way to enjoy your favorite drink", the Le Whaf carafe employs top-secret scientific tomfoolery to convert any drink deposited into its chamber--from margaritas to whiskey sours to hello-bathroom-floor Irish car bombs--into a swirling cloud of taste-bud-tittilating, but waistline-friendly, toothsomeness. Basically, flavored air.

Once the Le Whaf carafe has suitably extracted a drink's essence, the potable-cum-suckable concoction can be poured into a glass and sipped through the Lab Store's specially designed straw. Fast forward about 90 seconds into the video above and check some Le Whaf action footage at a recent Paris Flavor Cloud workshop (seriously, French people? I mean, not that a country that has a Fancy Rat and Mouse Annual Show, Carnie Trade Show, and Great Outhouse Blowout Festival is one to talk, but a Flavor Cloud workshop?)

While the only seasoned air I have had the opportunity to inhale thus far in life has been just after someone at the office douses the john with air freshener after dropping the kids off at the pool, I feel fairly confident that whatever mess of alcohol and juice and sodie pop comes out of the Le Whaf carafe has got to taste better than Fresh Linen and New Car Leather. Also, I live on the edge so, yeah, I'd give it a try.

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