Prepara Tastemaker Liquor Infuser

Posted: October 09, 2020
Prepara Tastemaker Wine & Liquor Infuser
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Prepara's Tastemaker Craft Liquor Infuser knows it takes you mere seconds to pour a shot of vodka, a minute to mix a vodka tonic, and a couple more to shake up the perfect Lemon Drop or Bloody Mary. But. If you're willing to give this booze booster 15 minutes of your pre-drinking prep time, you could have next-level shots and cocktails infused with classic, experimental, and favorite natural flavors in less time than it takes to flag down the bartender on a busy Saturday night.

Filled with your choice of flavor-imparting ingredients - candy, spices, herbs...bacon, Krispy Kreme donuts - Tastemaker Craft Infusers seal over standard size bottles of alcohol. Once in place, tip the two together to automatically open the infuser's valve, and let the liquor flow in and start mingling. Once the infuser is full, tilt it back upright to reseal the valve. You can leave it in place on top of the booze bottle to flavorize, or remove it and set it on Prepara's included stand.

Fifteen minutes is what Prepara says the Tastemaker Craft Infuser needs to swirl its magic and create a tasty, balanced mixture ready for sipping, or becoming part of a larger mixture at your able hands.

The Tastemaker Craft Liquor Infuser makes a great gift for a party, or for the budding mixologist in your life.

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