Quick-Pour Shot Dispenser & Carrier

Posted: February 18, 2021
Quick-Pour Shot Dispenser & Carrier
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I may be past my glory days of taking 6 shots at once, but I can do something just as impressive: pour 6 shots at once, and then, with one hand, carry 6 shots at once. Sure, I need some assistance from this quick-pour shot dispenser and carrier, but I take calling on my little mushroom-lookin' friend for help as less as an admittance of defeat than a sign of maturity and wisdom.

The dispenser set holds 6 shot included glasses in a circle around its central pillar and punchbowl. The bowl contains diversion channels and funnel-shaped outlets leading to each glass, so when you pour your favorite liquor or spirit in the top, it flows in a perfect fountain into the glasses awaiting at the bottom. A great gift for a party, especially those involving bachelors and bachelorettes.

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