The Little Lilly Garden Bar

Posted: April 18, 2021
The Little Lilly Garden Bar
$330.16 - $337.37
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Little Lilly Garden Bar, I taste what you're pouring. This wall-mounted outdoor bar is handmade using treated timbers cut and styled into interior shelves and (optionally) wine glass racks, and a rustic horizontal slatted exterior.

When the bar is closed, the Little Lilly hangs unobtrusively in your garden or on your patio, a subtle, natural addition to a wall or fence. But. When it's time to have a little fun - and a whole lot of liquor - lower the Little Lilly's drawbridge door, and let the Queen of the Party reign. Bonus points if you set your outdoor bar up over an inflatable hot tub surrounded by iridescent as in the photo above.

In addition to the perfect party accessory, the Little Lilly Garden Bar can also serve you well on an intimate date night...and breakfast on the patio the following morning. The drop-down table is secured with chains on either side, and large enough for small plates and drinks, as well as bar stools set up on either side.

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