Viski Lewis Bag & Mallet Bartender Kit

Posted: December 23, 2019
Viski Lewis Bag & Mallet Bartender Kit
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Use the Viski Lewis Bag & Mallet Bartender Kit to crush up bar-quality ice for your and your guests' cocktails at this year's badass New Year's Eve party. Or use it to get your aggressions out when no one shows up.

I joke, I joke. Of course they'll show up.

But just to be safe, better stock up on the top shelf liquor and bulk wrestling Jello, and include promises of both in the party reminder notifcation you send out.

Viski's Lewis Bag is made of heavy canvas and has a flap closure to lock cubes 'bout to get their heads bashed in inside. The mallet is made of beechwood with an ergonomic handle.

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