Whiskey Bullets

Posted: January 29, 2015
Whiskey Bullets
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Settle down and chill your bullets* with some Bulleit, and settle down and chill your Bulleit with some bullets. Sip Dark, purveyor of fine beverage chilling stones and sipping gear, has created the Original Whiskey Bullet. Sold here as a set of 6, the stainless steel liquor chillers will add some ice cold ammo to your straight upper of choice, including whiskey, scotch, vodka, or even white wine. Like many stones and balls currently trending the market, Whiskey Bullets decrease liquid temperatures without diluting flavors.

According to Sip Dark, Whiskey Bullets are not blanks or floaters. They shoot straight to the bottom of the glass, where they remain firmly in place during drink consumption. Unless someone with sticky fingers or lush's etiquette tries to fish one out, which, given how eye-catching the bullets will look when you use them, carries a pretty high probability.

Whiskey Bullets should chill 4+ hours in the freezer prior to use. Sip Dark recommends adding 1 Bullet per ounce of whiskey.

*Is Chill your bullets a Relax or KCCO-type expression? If it's not it should be. Cornelius, I'm not eating your half of the White Castles! Geez, chill your bullets, dude!

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