Cactus Toilet Plunger & Brush Set

Posted: December 12, 2023
Cactus Toilet Plunger & Brush Set
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The unsung heroes of Christmas: toilet plungers and brushes. After all the Christmas morning casseroles and spiked coffees, Christmas Day cookies and eggnog, Christmas dinner hams and ambrosia salads, and Christmas dessert yule logs and fruit cakes, many of us will wrap up this day of unfettered indulgence with some quality time on the porcelain throne.

Hopefully you'll remember to bring your Switch or Thumby console in with you, because it's probably going to be some quantity time too.

Hopefully too, you'll have an SOS station set up to clean your butt, your bowl, and the air quality in your mama's bathroom post-pooping. For the middle one, I recommend a Cactus Toilet Plunger & Brush Set. Both cute and consolidated, this is a toilet-tidying tag team whose succulent-handled commercial grade rubber suction cup can unclog your dreaded masses of turds and tp, and then make room for a similarly-stemmed brush with burly bristles to scrub away any remaining streaks and skid marks.

In addition to giving the uncelebrated toilet plunger and brush tools some character, the cactus shape of their handles also makes them easier and more comfortable to hold during use.

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