Clear Shower XL Transparent Shower Head

Posted: May 01, 2021
Clear Shower XL Transparent Shower Head
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I see your rain shower shower head, and raise you a rain shower shower head you can see...right through. Appropriately named the Clear Shower XL, this is a shower head whose base plate is transparent, creating the optical illusion that its cleansing rainfall is streaming straight from the sky. Or, like, your bathroom ceiling.

Ew, is that mildew growing there in the corner where it meets the wall?

The Clear Shower XL shower head is made of an 18" x 9" piece of acrylic glass "drilled to perfection" with 276 holes to achieve both the XL spraying service of which it boasts, and a firm but balanced water pressure.

Installing the transparent shower head, and transforming your bathroom into a clear winner, should take - get this - one minute. The Clear Shower XL also comes with the following emphatic assertion about its maintenance requirements: "NO CLEANING NEEDED EVER."

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