Deeply Satisfying Poo In Progress Bathroom Warning Sign

Posted: June 13, 2023
Deeply Satisfying Poo In Progress Bathroom Warning Sign
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People think it's nasty, or at least poor manners at the dinner table, to talk about poo. Poo consistency. Poo shapes. Poo volume. And even poo feelings, which I particularly don't understand, because in every other aspect of life, we are encouraged - sometimes forced - to talk about our feelings. And this dude, for one, would be much more amenable to doing so if one of those feelings I could talk about is the deeply satisfying feeling I get whenever I am able to take a giant sh*t.

One that slides out smooth as butter, in a single push, thick and coiled like a snake, with...dudes! I should be saying all of this to my Aunt Jan, being my authentic self, and bonding with her over bathroom habits and a slice of fudge pie, not waxing poo-etic to the anonymous audience before me. But I can't. My ability to find common ground and connect with others is denied by arbitrary social graces. What a load of crap.

However, as a consolation prize, we have this Deeply Satisfying Poo In Progress Bathroom Warning Sign. It probably won't build the deep connection with family and friends discussing your turds directly would, but anyone who sees the sandwich board sitting outside the door to your throne room will certainly relate, and get some good LOLs out of it.

Better yet, the warning sign is dually functional. While you're on the john, you'll face the "Deeply Satisfying Poo In Progress" side of it outward. Then when you're done, twist the sign 180 degrees, and let anyone considering using the bathroom next to "Give It 10 Minutes."

Want a more subtle, perhaps more socially acceptable way to warn passersby of your bathroom activities? Try the simple black-and-white Pooping Please Come Back Later Doorknob Sign.

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