Electric Bubble Bath Massage Mat

Posted: February 24, 2020
Electric Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat
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An "electric bubble bath," that sounds sssssexy. ... And a little bit scary. Will I have any hair left on my body, and thoughts left in my brain after emerging from a splish-splash with Serene Life's Bubble Bath Massage Mat?

Oh yes, I'm assured. Bathing with the Bubble Bath Massage Mat is more like bathing with a Womanizer than with a hairdryer, as the bringer of the bathtub spa experience is 100% waterproof. Its air pump / bubble maker even sits outside of the tub, using an air hose to pump in the bubbles that will keep the suds alive in your water, and help you relax.

The bubble-making Massage Mat also has a built-in heater to keep your bath water warm. It holds in place via suction cups, and its top surface is padded for comfort.

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