Elephant Soap Dish with Water-Draining Trunk

Posted: August 05, 2022
Elephant Soap Dish with Water-Draining Trunk
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Delightful. Precious. Wonderful. The best. Those are the words I am certain my wife and my mama will use...to describe me when I give them each one of these Elephant Soap Dishes (with water-draining trunks!) Just a lil' gift for the women I love.

Notice the absence of my mother-in-law and Aunt Jan from the list of Elephant Soap Dish recipients.

The soap dishes are around 6.7" x 3.9" x 3.6" in size, and configured such that wet bars of soap set on the elephants' backs will drain into, and then out, their trunks. The latter presumably positioned over a sink, if you aren't keeping your sudsy ele-friend in the shower. Elephants come in white, green, silver, or gold ceramic.

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