Giant Seamen Balls Bath Bombs

Posted: December 24, 2019
Giant Seamen Balls Bath Bombs
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You might be surprised how therapeutic and relaxing a good, long soak in the bath with a coupla Giant Seamen Balls Bath Bombs can be for muscles tired and tensed up from all the holiday festivities.

Sinking into some Seamen Balls might also provide some comfort for the Dudes and She-Ra: Princesses of Power whose mamas, mothers-in-law, and Aunt Jans spend all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day making "small talk" about the possibility of "issues down there" being the reason for the current lack of grandchildren.

As indicated, this package of Giant Seamen Balls Bath Bombs comes with 2 massive blue balls, weighing 5 ounces each, and ready to fizz and fizzle down to an ocean of mind- and body-soothing cobalt in your bathtub.

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