JoyFous Retractable Rolling Shower Screen

Posted: May 22, 2021
$99 - $169
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JoyFous is a retractable rolling shower screen made for 3-wall bathtubs. It's mold-resistant, watertight, inexpensive, and here to absolutely ruin showering. Doesn't JoyFous know half the fun of climbing in a tub and closing the shower curtain is having said curtain tickle and goose ya as you suds up?

Not to mention the good times you'll miss out on trying to keep the curtain clean and free of fungal spores - JoyFous is built with 3 mold-proof layers. Or forgetting to keep the liner perfectly inside your tub, and stepping out of one small pool of water only to find another awaiting you on your bathroom floor - JoyFous has a sealed tight threshold water dam for complete dry-wet separation.

And as for glass shower doors, JoyFous endeavors to replace them with a flexible material that won't potentially crack or shatter on you while you're using it. Where's the excitement in that?

Additional JoyFous retractable rolling shower screen lowlights include:

  • Maximizes shower and bathroom space, since it slides open and closed along its slim horizontal track, rather than needing to swing in or out.
  • Unlike glass doors, JoyFous is easy to self-install, and rings it at a fraction of the cost of good ones.
  • JoyFous virtually disappears when you're not showering, and looks modern and minimalist when it's open.

If you're interested in learning more about JoyFous, and maybe installing a retractable rolling shower screen in your bathroom, click here to visit the not-curtain, not-door's IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

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