Mikado Aerator Gridded Flow Faucet

Posted: April 13, 2016
Mikado Aerator Gridded Flow Faucet

If it's the little things in life that make you happy, Neoperl has a pretty cool little thing for you to check out. Their forthcoming Mikado is a faucet aerator that turns water streams into dramatic twisting grids sure to delight all kiddos, interior designers, and math geeks who see it.

The Mikado aerator uses individual water jets to create its spray pattern, which Neoperl points out decrease in density on their downward trip, so users will have the option of washing their hands in (and sticking their mouths under) streams ranging from "pleasantly soft to vigorously massaging." The Red Dot Award winner will also be available in 3 stream pattern models, a slim, close-meshed Uno, a wider Due, and an expansive Tre.

Mikado aerators promote water and energy savings, setting water flow rates at a consistent 0.5 gallons per minute regardless of pressure fluctuations.

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