Mode Wireless Electric Toothbrush

Posted: October 08, 2022
Mode Wireless Electric Toothbrush
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Sweet, Mode, I've been looking for a wireless electric toothbrush to go with my black marbled bathroom wallpaper and black toilet. Really.

No, not really. I like black and all, but for the bathroom, I feel like white does a better job of representing the space, and communicating how users want to feel about it: bright; clean; hygienic; not covered in pubes and shit no one can see. Plus, equally unideal, a black toothbrush is going to show every drop of white toothpaste you allow to dry into a splotchy, crusty mess all over it.


Still, the matte black Mode looks pretty sexy for an electric toothbrush, and if you're into black and into sexy electric toothbrushes, this one comes with the added bonus of a charging base that plugs right into an electrical outlet, so it's completely cord-free. The dock even has a built-in nightlight, so in addition to taking up less countertop space, it won't force you to sacrifice your after-dark illumination if bathroom outlets are at a premium for you.

Of course, based on the photos of the plugged-in Mode, the toothbrush will span the space of two outlets, so you'll probably have to remove it from the charger anytime you want to plug anything else in. FYI, it docks and undocks magnetically, and toothbrush battery life is 30 days on a single charge.

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