Nosferatu Shower Curtain

Posted: January 18, 2014
Nosferatu Shower Curtain
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The makers of this shower curtain depicting a shadowy Nosferatu ascending the stairs to drain your blood and leave you a dead and dried-out heap of sunken flesh...or maybe turn you into a vampire like himself if you're really hot...brush-paint all of their designs by hand. They also welcome requests for variations, modifications, and personalization of their inventory, which includes dozens of different characters and iconic symbols. So probably they would be willing to replace Nosferatu here with a skulking zombie, Freddy Krueger or, if you really want to make someone pee their pants not 3 feet from the toilet, an eggplant.

Standard custom shower curtain artwork arrives on 71" x 71" soft polyester fabric sheets. Each contains 12 holes along the top for pairing with your own hooks. Nosferatu is obviously pictured in black and white to reflect the colorless world he lived in, but additional choices are available as well.

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