One-Handed Tear Toilet Paper Holder

Posted: January 05, 2019
One-Handed Tear Toilet Paper Holder
$38 - $47
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I don't know why Holden Art's Polarity Gear one-handed tear toilet paper holder isn't better funded on Kickstarter. Rigging your TP rack with magnetic discs and adjustable resistance for paper ply and weight is definitely a lifehack this dude's behind can get behind. And given some of the ludicrous things that get backed 5 times over on crowdfunding sites - potato salad, dog to human translators, yet another stupid pen or wallet - maybe Polarity Gear just hasn't gotten the attention and traffic it deserves yet.

So if you have a moment, direct your attention here, and see what you think:

The Polarity Gear toilet paper holder is designed to spare the precise number of squares you want with a one-handed tug. Depending on the location and angle you need to mount the holder in your bathroom, this can either eliminate awkward torquing and reaching for the TP, or enable you to do it without putting down your phone. In both cases, you'll probably have at least a little better experience wiping your ass.

And speaking of holding your phone on the throne, the Polarity Gear TP holder also has a built-in ledge for securing your smartphone a safe distance away from the toilet bowl should you want to put it down.

The one-handed wonder is made of machined aluminum and stainless steel, and comes in your choice of self-adhesive or screw-in mounting models. To read more about the engineering behind the Polarity Gear TPH, and to pledge for one of your own, click here and head to the one-handed holder's Kickstarter campaign through February 1, 2019.

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