Otto Dental Floss Dispenser

Posted: May 28, 2016
Otto Dental Floss Dispenser
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According to Alessi, the Italian Factory of Design, "Rondo, Otto and Sden belong to a burgeoning family of bright characters in thermoplastic creatures aiming to bring some fun to dental hygiene for children (and adults too)." Whoa. That's a lot of PR jargon. My version: "These are some toys that might make your kid want to brush and floss. And you too, Captain Cavity."

Otto is my favorite of the three (you can check out Rondo and Sden in the "Related Products" section above) because I like his expression of concern about having apparently just eaten an entire spool of dental floss. And only adding to that concern is the fact that I am now going to pull it back out in 8" increments over the course of the next month.

OK, with the number of days I'm not too lazy to floss, probably more like over the course of the next year.

Otto the Dental Floss Dispenser holds a full roll of most floss sizes, and holds a cutting tool in his left hand. He comes in Blue, Red, and Baby Blue.

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