Stuul - The Classy Way to Poop

Posted: January 06, 2020
Stuul - The Classy Way to Poop
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Does your stool need a Stuul? Correction: a muy classy Stuul? The Stuul poop stool isn't revolutionizing the poop stool game, but if you're into highfalutin poopin', I guess it looks a little nicer - and by nicer, I mean less like a poop stool - than the classic Squatty Potty. Plus, the Stuul has a 2-piece design, so you can:

  1. Position each stool exactly where you want it for customized toilet comfort and prime pooping posture.
  2. Insert one stool inside the other for less space-consuming storage. And, more importantly, storage out in the open that won't immediately announce to guests using your bathroom that you enjoy a good poop stool as much as you enjoy a good poop.

Another attribute of the Stuul that makes it so classy is that it costs about one hundred American dollars, so it's a particularly great bathroom accessory for those of you who shit gold.

Stuul 2-piece toilet stools come in 4 soothing colors, and have a comfy, bowel-moving high-density particle foam composition that Stuul promises is "skin-friendly, robust, energy-saving, extremely light and resistant to most chemicals."

Assuming the squat position not the solution to your #2 woes? Don't worry, I have plenty of other suggestions for stuff to help you poop.

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