Bish's Tear Mender Fabric & Leather Adhesive

Posted: March 15, 2017
Bish's Tear Mender Fabric & Leather Adhesive
$5.48 - $18.11
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Question, Mr. Bish: does your Tear Mender adhesive work on all areas of fabric and leather textiles? Like say, for example, on the crotch of a pair of black leather pants that might have gotten ripped during an 80s theme party when someone and his friend Cornelius were having a hair band air guitar-off and someone tried to execute a flawless jumping half split to clinch his victory? Because I paid, like, $25 for those pants at Goodwill....

Bish's Original Tear Mender works lickety split on your oh-crapity split jeans, leather jackets, upholstery, car seats, awnings--pretty much any porous material. When applied the adhesive seeps into textile fibers, forming a waterproof bond that resecures rips and tears in 3 minutes or less. The resultant patch is permanent, but flexible, and they say you can machine wash Bish-treated items without worrying the bond will weaken.

Bish's Tear Mender consists of natural, non-toxic latex that won't stick to hard surfaces, and won't harm your skin.

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