Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier

Posted: June 11, 2017
Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier
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Sure, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier has the Dyson name going for it. The air de-polluter and fan also has both Warm Me and Blow Me settings, so you can use it all year 'round to help achieve an optimal level of comfort at home. That the Hot+Cool Link looks like a portal to the Andromeda Galaxy is nothing new for Dyson, and the fact that it's wifi-enabled and "smart" nothing new for any home appliance these days.

But where Dyson really sells me on the Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier is that it not only sucks up 99.97% of allergens and pollutants, but its active carbon layer also captures harmful toxins and smells. Harmful toxins and smells. Two things my fiancee, She-Ra: Princess of Power, produces anytime she eats Thai food, Mexican food, BBQ, cheese, ice cream, beer, broccoli, jerky, onions, granola bars.... Pretty much any time anything goes in her mouth, its gassified by-products come back out with a force so strong I sometimes have to get out of bed at 3 a.m., open all the windows in our condo, and sit on the couch for 45 minutes until the risks of poisoning and suffocation have subsided.

No joke.

In smart mode, the Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier automatically monitors air quality and sends you reports on your smartphone. If something isn't to your liking, you can change the machine's settings remotely. It also has a sleep timer and nighttime mode, the latter with dimmed LEDs and quieter operation.

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