Electrostatic-Generating Silicone Broom

Posted: July 22, 2017
Electrostatic-Generating Silicone Broom
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Give it up for silicone injection technology! The ElectroSilk Electrostatic-Generating Silicone Broom applies everyone's favorite implant and athletic wedding ring compound into everyone's least favorite household cleaning tool. Well, I think brooms suck the most anyway. Big bristly thatches of pains in my assigned task of sweeping up the Doritos crumbs and cat hair - only one of which I'm even responsible for being there! - that mostly just push the mess around until I give up and just go get the handheld Dyson.

ElectroSilk says its silicone composition makes it different that other natural fiber and synthetic brooms. By generating an electrostatic force (i.e., static electricity) during sweeping, the broom "aggressively catches dust, hair, lint, fluff, and dirt." Aggression. I like that in a broom. I wonder if the ElectroSilk is aggressive enough to draw my fiancee's cat Zanzibar's hair into its silicone tentacles while he's still attached....

The silicone broom fulfills its duty best when called in to sweep up hard flooring and low-pile carpets. It is especially recommended for use in places that require frequent cleaning, such as hospitals, nursing homes, barber shops, salons, and private households with people who spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen eating chips and cereal by the fistful straight out of the bag.

For shipment and compact storage, the broom breaks down into 5 pieces. To sterilize you can steam or soak it in water at temperatures up to 520 degrees F.

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