LINE-X Virtually Indestructible Coating

Posted: September 11, 2016

LINE-X protective coating supports a habit--no, not a habit, that suggests it's a bad thing. LINE-X protective coating supports a grand tradition I've established of extolling the bludgeoning, impaling, pulverizing, and generally unpleasant destruction of watermelons. (For supporting evidence, see Gotcha Cap, Wasp Gas Injection Knife, and Blade Driver Crossbow.) In our latest celebration, the dudes from How Ridiculous test out LINE-X's virtual indestructibility by slathering it over a watermelon, and then dropping that watermelon from 150' in the air. As you can see in the video...oh, I won't ruin it. Just watch. Fast forward to 0:45 if you're impatient.

PS: They later do the same drop with an uncoated watermelon, so be sure to keep watching for the grand fun of comparison.

You can also watch the LINE-X boys themselves do some testing of their industrial-strength coating in the second video.

LINE-X originally entered the world as a spray-on solution for trucks and SUVs that take a beating. Get your bed liners and rocker panels coated in LINE-X and they're guaranteed to travel unscathed through even the harshest of elements.

LINE-X has also expanded its offerings to truck accessories with a Truck Gear line. This includes bumpers, tool boxes, step bars, and Jeep parts.

Perhaps even more noteworthy, LINE-X has discovered a number of additional commercial, municipal, industrial, and manufacturing applications. Such as, uh, coating the walls of buildings like the Pentagon to withstand a bomb blast.

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