Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Gift Set

Posted: November 07, 2016
Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Gift Set
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Poo-Pourri, the spritz-before-you-shitz toilet spray, has put together several stench-fighting 2-packs ripe for the giving spirit of the holiday season. Since most of us around here are both dudes and fans of Punderdome, I thought I'd put the spotlight on my favorite Poo-Pourri pairing: the Master Crapsman Gift Set.

The Master Crapsman packs 2-ounce bottles of Poo-Pourri's Trap-A-Crap and Royal Flush sprays into a sweeeet toolbox-themed carrier. For those unfamiliar, Poo-Pourri stifles bathroom stink before it's able to creep out of your own toilet bowl deposits when you deposit a few pumps from its nozzle into the bowl before you assume the throne. Poo-Pourri's blend of natural essential oils spreads across the surface of the water, creating a scent barrier over anything that subsequently plops! through and settles beneath it.

Trap-A-Crap Poo-Pourri fills the rooms with scents of cedar and citrus instead of poo and poo, and Royal Flush delights olfactory sensors with eucalyptus and spearmint instead of gagging them with poo and poo.

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