Banksy Gross Domestic Product Store

Posted: October 17, 2019
Banksy Gross Domestic Product Store
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In true subversive and irreverent Banksy style, the English artist has opened Gross Domestic Product, an online store where adoring fans can, not purchase, but apply to purchase some of the pieces he displayed in a south London pop-up.

All Banksy works appear to be signed, but are available in extremely limited editions of just a few pieces each. Ranging from a baby mobile of CCTV cameras and a skinned Tony the Tiger rug, to a satirical tombstone and a goldfish falling for a mean trick, Banksy's creations will be sold to the most deserving bidder, as determined by The Fates.

Those who want a Banksy original (and you can apply only for one) must answer the question, "Does art matter?" in 50 words or less, and supply their contact information. When the registration period ends, entries will be selected at random, and those registrants will receive word that they have won the option to give Banksy their money.

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