Batman Slap Meme Dry Erase Board

Posted: January 21, 2015
Batman Slap Meme Dry Erase Board

"Batman, what did your parents get you for Christ-" "WHACK! My parents are DEEEAAAAAAD you sniveling little sidekick!"

"Jingle bells, Batman smells..." "WHACK! And you laid a F**king egg!"

"Internet Explor-" "WHACK! Google Chrome!"

Everyone loves (running) a good meme (into the ground), and now we can all take our hack Photoshop skills to a 3D medium, using our hack marker skills to keep Batman Slapping Robin alive a little bit longer with Canadian artist Choleena DiTullio's Slap Meme Dry Erase Board. The piece is an exact replica of the viral Internet image, printed on a reusable glass "white board" and framed for hanging.

Social commentary, cutting digs, threats to disobedient children, the Batman Slap can communicate them all as the mood strikes you. All you need is a Dry-Erase pen and a mediocre grasp of wit and sarcasm.

"Batman, why are we both named after flying animals if we can't fly?" "WHACK! Speaking of flies, there's one on your face!"

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