Bedtime Stories Duvet Cover

Posted: February 02, 2012
Bedtime Stories Duvet Cover
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Calling all fairy tale and 62-point font enthusiasts: Envelop yourself in this Bedtime Stories duvet set, and combat sleepless nights and misplaced reading glasses with a classic tome from the Brothers Grimm. The multi-layered spread literally reads like a book, with each "page" folding back to progress the story, or achieve your desired level of comfort. The Sleeping Beauty covers two lightweight synthetic duvets, plus one polycotton king-sized duvet cover. How awesome will it to buy your girlfriend the set for Valentine's Day, tell her she's your Sleeping Beauty, and then cuddle up to read her the tale? Ha ha, trick question. It will be negative awesome. But, how awesome will it be to make her so doe-eyed from your thoughtfulness, and giddy from the gravelly timbre of your voice as the Prince, that you invariably get your happy ending as soon as she gets hers?

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