Black Bag Porcelain Vase

Posted: January 26, 2023
Black Bag Porcelain Vase
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This Black Bag Porcelain Vase is black. Deep, dark matte black, almost the same shade as my ex-girlfriend Karen's heart. (Almost. Hers is even more similar to that Black 3.0, Blackest Paint in the World Black.) So in one way, it would not be a great vase to use for a spring bouquet for your mama. Or Valentine's Day roses for your girlfriend.

But in another way, or rather, depending on who your mama or girlfriend is, the Black Bag Porcelain Vase might be the perfect vase for their flowers. Minimalist in style, and lookin' all chic and designer-y lying on its side, ZLATNA Porcelain handmakes these crinkly containers for the dark and trendy alike. Dimensions are 8.7" x 6.1" x 2.2".

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