Buttons & Pearl 3D Layered Wood Mountain Wall Art

Posted: February 16, 2022
Buttons & Pearl 3D Layered Wood Mountain Wall Art
$117 - $1,350
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Cliiimb eeevry mountain...or save yourself the physical labor and just hang the best of them on your wall, courtesy of the physical labors - and creative vision - of Buttons & Pearl. The Nashville-based shop handmakes all of their 3D layered wood mountain artwork in a host of styles, colors, and sizes to suit the trekker, adventurer, or couch potato who just likes cool artwork in you.

In addition to peaks and valleys, Buttons & Pearl enhances the nature and depth of their scenes by layering in trees, water, and skies dotted with clouds, in full sun, or mugging the moon at night. Framed and mantle / "floating" pieces are done in walnut and / or birch wood.

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