Concrete Wallpaper

Posted: November 02, 2012
Concrete Wallpaper
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I've been looking for a $300 way to make my living room look more like an industrial warehouse. I hear the ladies find concrete walls very manly and Rocky-boxing-sides-of-beef-esque. Concrete Wallpaper, available in 8 different pour designs, is made in Holland. Which leads me to believe 2 things: 1) Dutch designer Piet Boon thought of it while smoking weed outside an insane asylum; and 2) Dutch people are rich. I mean, I definitely can't afford to shell out that kind of cash for 46.7 square feet of wall decor regardless of how "super high resolution", "colorfast", and "washable with a soft cloth" it is. And even if I could afford to make my shields from the elements of nature look especially transformative and cool, I'm not sure I'd go for Concrete Wallpaper over my very own, geeky narcissist's DNA Portrait.

Then again, I might. Yeah, if I could, I'd probably buy both. It's amazing what people with disposable incomes will do.

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