Dino Bioluminescent Plankton Sphere

Posted: June 21, 2016
Dino Living Marine Plankton Sphere

If you're too mature to display BioPop's Dino Pet on your desk...or just frustrated that your kids keep stealing it...here's a more sophisticated objet d'art containing the same glowing blue dinoflagellates. If you haven't seen them before, dinoflagellates are little tiny marine plankton that photosynthesize during daylight hours so they can show off their bioluminescence at night.

Yes, Dino Spheres are alive. Each 10cm clear glass almost-globe (it has a flat bottom for stability and a small hole on top) comes with a 200mL Spout Pouch of living Dinoflagellates. When you add them to the sphere and keep them somewhere that receives moderate lighting throughout the day, you'll be able to shake them up at night and take in the same mystifying sights you see in the above photos in person.

Dino Spheres ship via 2-3 day Priority mail, and should be opened and tended to right away. They are best raised in spaces with a temperature range of 63 to 77 degrees F, and with proper lighting should glow for several months. You can extend this lifetime with the purchase of Dino Food or Dino Food Blue, adding small bits of it to the sphere every few months.

Note: While BioPop reports that drinking the contents of a Dino Sphere will not blow up your stomach or otherwise kill you, it will probably give you a belly ache and some bad diarrhea. And it will not transfer the dinoflagellates' bioluminescence to any of your body parts. If that's what your in the market for, try some Power Glow.

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