Felt Stone Area Rugs

Posted: March 09, 2017
Felt Stone Area Rugs
$135.87 - $2,119.57
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These felt stone area rugs and mats are an optical illusion! They look like a path of hard, smooth rocks, but are actually ultra-soft, textured rounds of merino sheep and llama wool. Oh man, now I'm torn. Should I put one of Martina Schuhmann's stone riverbed runners in the front hallway as an April Fool's joke for on my girlfriend, or stick with my original plan of proposing to her with a Moon Ring?

Austrian designed and master weaver Schuhmann has hand felt each of the stones in the rugs shown here, and in her Fluss Design Etsy shop. Individual pebbles have a foam core surrounded by 100% wool. All rugs are customizable in color, size, and type of wool.

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