Geochron World Map & 24-Hour Clock

Posted: April 03, 2015
Geochron World Map & 24-Hour Clock
$2,495 - $4,295
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The Geochron is one of the coolest maps I ever saw. Not only is it all big and backlit, but the map itself is a conveyor belt driven left to right in sync with the earth's rotation. So at any given time the Geochron and the electric clock motor responsible for its movement depicts:

  • Legal time zones
  • Greenwich Mean time
  • Greenwich Apparent time
  • Local Apparent time
  • Moment of sunrise
  • Moment of sunset
  • Duration of daylight
  • Sun's meridian passage
  • Sun's equation of time
  • Degrees of latitude and longitude

Geochron map time zone boundaries are delineated by dark blue lines, which converge on lettered pointers on the top edge of the map identifying the standard time zones, and representing the short wave radio prefix for that zone. Geochron pieces come in 3 styles, each with customization options. The Original Kilburg, Geochron's foundation style, hangs 34-1/4" wide x 22-3/8" tall x 5" deep. It includes a minute hand for precise time-telling throughout the day, plus accurate shot taking on December 31 in celebration of New Year's with all the nations of the world.

Boardroom and Designer Geochron editions have functionality similar to the Original Kilburg, with upgraded front panel designs and materials (wood veneer and solid walnut).

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