Goats in Trees 2018 Calendar

Posted: November 30, 2017
Goats in Trees 2018 Calendar
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Too bad the 2018 Goats in Trees calendar doesn't come with sound effects. Assuming the crazy SOBaaaahs that hoof it up trunks and balance on limbs are the same crazy SOBaaaahs that scream, that is. But imagine it: every time you flip a page of the calendar to change months, you hear different one of these.

What a glorious gift for the office Goats in Trees would make then!

As it stands, the 2018 Goats in Trees calendar is a few notches below glorious, but still way, way better than the ones with inspirational quotes and that Pomeranian Boo and IQ puzzles I cannot solve.

For those new to the phenomenon of goats in trees, it's pretty normal behavior for free-roaming bleaters in arid regions. The goats aren't just looking for a better view, they're going to where the food is - the leaves and other vegetation on the treetops. Tree-climbing goats: evolution in action, baby!

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