Invroheat Decorative Wall Hanging Space Heater

Posted: January 06, 2020
Invroheat - Decorative Wall Hanging Space Heater
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That artwork is hot! The look of it is OK too. Invroheat makes infrared space heaters that double as decorative wall hangings, and decorative wall hangings that double as space heaters.

The toasty tapestries come in a handful of different designs - some of them, admittedly, pretty cheesy - backed by infrared nano-technology. This allows the Invroheat units to emanate warmth and raise the temperature of your room by 10 to 15 degrees, without getting as hot as a conventional heater. It is (obviously) safe for placement up against your wall, as well as in children's rooms or near pets.

Additional infrared benefits Invroheat touts include:

  • It's a non-drying heat, so you won't lose moisture from the air during use.
  • It's an energy efficient heat, costing up to 50% less to run than conventional space heaters.
  • Invroheat artwork has a safety auto shutoff to prevent overheating.

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