Life-Size T-Rex Skeleton

Posted: August 16, 2019
Life Size T-Rex Skeleton
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I wonder if this Life-Size T-Rex Skeleton for $100,000 really exists, or if some paleontologist is just pretty sure s/he can build one if a T-Rex-loving sucker loves T-Rex enough to fork over $100,000 for a life size skeleton replica.

Or has Veruca Salt for a daughter. "Daddy! I want a life-size T-Rex skeleton! My Oompa Loompa can sleep in its mouth."

To be clear, these assembled Tyrannosaurus bones are a replica. A life size and real complete T-Rex skeleton would probably cost more like $100 million. And that would actually be worth it.

Life-size for a T-Rex means this guy is 40' long from tail to snout, and 15' tall. Its build is based on a Tyrannosaur named Stan found in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1992. To date, he is the most complete male T-Rex ever found, with 190 bones fossilized with little to no distortion.

The Stan replica is made with GI-1000-grade silicone molds that shape polyurethane resin into casts that "faithfully preserve the healed injuries Stan suffered during life, including a broken neck and ribs as well as puncture wounds in his skull and lower jaw." Aw, poor Stan.

If the Life-Size T-Rex Skeleton is a little out of your price range, check out these other, more affordable T-Rex gifts.

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