Magnetic Decorative Garage Door Hinges & Handles

Posted: July 29, 2020
Magnetic Decorative Garage Door Hinges & Handles
$11.68 - $39.99
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Know how I know about these magnetic decorative garage door hinges and handles? Yep, that's right. My mama got them. "No drilling!" she said when she first showed them to me. "No damage!"

And I just smiled and said with great enthusiasm, "Wow, Mama! Who'd'a thought fake hardware could bring such character to your garage?" And the great enthusiasm wasn't even fake like the door hinges and handles, it was genuine. Because since these babies are magnetic, my mama was able to just smack them right on herself. I didn't have to spend another Saturday at her house measuring and marking and drilling and getting bossed around so her cheap-ass vinyl garage doors could look like quaint wood carriage ones.

The magnetic garage door accents come in a few different styles of hinges, handles, and levers, and well as different sized sets for single and double garage doors. This seller even has sets of magnetic fake garage door windows. And you thought a Bugatti Centodieci was the greatest gift for the garage out there.

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