Penny Clock

Posted: August 31, 2022
Penny Clock
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Nothing says it better than this Penny Clock from Fun Cool Wall Clocks: time is money.

Denah Clark handmakes an array of table and wall coin clocks, but I think this particular Penny Clock is my favorite, thanks to its striking ombre pattern. Clark achieves the effect by transitioning from shiny new pennies into older pennies that have formed darker and darker patinas. The clock is also one of her larger pieces, at 25.75" x 13.75", including the handsome black frame that sets off the glow of the pennies even further.

You can set the Penny Clock on a flat surface or wall-mount it, horizontally or vertically. The copper pennies, Clark notes, makes it a unique 7th anniversary gift, but who can stay married for 7 whole years anymore? I think the Penny Clock would make a great gift for anyone, for any reason, but especially for people going through a rough patch (a divorce at year 6, perhaps?) who could use a lucky penny or two...hundred. And, Easter Egg alert: each Penny Clock has a single wheat penny, or Lincoln cent, in it for fun, and perhaps a bit more good luck.

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