Pollo Pillo

Posted: May 03, 2020
Pollo Pillo

Though these pollos are P.illo from the Netherlands, not Hermanos from Albuquerque, they're still the perfect front for a meth deal. Uh, no wait....

I mean Pollo Pillos are the perfect front for a vegan in a room of rabid carnivores.

The perfect comfort object to replace the comfort food when you start noticing those takeout chicken wings popping up in your gut and butt a few days later.

Pollo Pillos can be so many things, but at their hearts, they're pure...well, they're pure PC cotton. But "supremely fluffy PC cotton," according to P.illo, and made for hugging and cuddling as intense as the chomping and devouring you'd do if the hyper-realistic printed drumstick before you were a hyper-real, hot and juicy chicken leg.

The Pollo Pillo comes in 2 oven-roasted styles, one that looks to be a classic salt & pepper rub, and another with a random sprig of rosemary stuck to it. Pill.o also makes the chicken pillows in 3 different sizes.

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