Santa on a Lift Hanging Christmas Lights Decoration

Posted: November 23, 2023
Santa on a Lift Hanging Christmas Lights Decoration
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Wait, Santa needs a lift to help hang lights on the Christmas tree? I thought the elves were supposed to be the little ones. Did ol' SC get hit by Wayne Szalinski's ray gun machine at the 2023 North Pole Christmas Gift Expo or something? Welp, at least he'll have an easier time getting down all those chimneys now.

And you'll have a snazzy new Christmas decoration to show off to friends and family at your holiday parties this year. Santa's Lift is an animated and musical design from Mr. Christmas. The lift extends from 27" to 50" tall, and back down again, while playing 15 different Christmas songs. The string of lights Santa is holding is also functional, fitted with 13 multicolored LEDs.

And what Tiny Santa would be able to make his way through the Giant World of your living room without a trusty elf helping him navigate? While Santa moves up and down with the lift, an elf holds things steady at the bottom, presumably ready to call 9-Reindeer-1-1 and get Rudolph's flashing red nose in with a quickness should Santa lean a little too far over his safety cage adjusting the lights.

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