Scrabble Tile String Lights with Customizable Letters

Posted: October 30, 2020
Scrabble Customizable Letter Tile String Light
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This set of Scrabble String Lights from Paladone comes with 10 illuminated 2.25" square Scrabble tiles that stretch 70" long. Tiles are blank, left for you to fill in with 60 reusable and interchangeable letter stickers, and create custom words and messages to suit your mood or the situation. Think WELCOME. PEACE. PARTY TIME. MERRY XMAS. ... 2020 SUCKS. YOU STINK. NO FARTING. I LIKE SEX. I AM HORNY. SEXY TIME. I LOVE BUD. I LOVE ALE. I HATE RUM. I HATE PIE. ... Sike! Who the heck hates pie?! I LOVE PIE.

Ahhh, thinking of meaningful 10-character-max words and messages to create on my theoretical Scrabble String Lights - this is the most fun I've had all week!

Customizable Scrabble String Lights would make even better non-theoretical additions to word nerds' home decor, especially word nerds looking for word nerdy ways to decorate for Christmas.

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