Skull Tabletop Fireplace

Posted: July 09, 2020
Skull Tabletop Fireplace
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Now here's a handsome devil. A little hot-headed, perhaps, but it looks like he's got his flames under control. And those chiseled cheekbones! But the Skull Tabletop Fireplace does have one major issue: it burns only one type of fuel, and that fuel is rubbing alcohol. 70% or greater of the isopropyl persuasion.

Yep, the same kind you've been using to clean the COVID off your door knobs and countertops as you wait for someone - anyone! - to get some Clorox or Lysol back in stock.

How ironic that last year at this time a Skull Tabletop Fireplace that ran on a common household item rather than specially purchased biofuel or oil would have been a selling point.

If you've got the alcohol to spare, here's the rub on flaming Skeletor. He's cast in high strength deep gray concrete, with a geodesic face that makes me hope he's a cat dude because he'd be the perfect companion for Kisa the PyroPet. The skull stands about 7" tall pre-fire.

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